Mission Statement

To contribute towards creating resilient environment in Cameroon through raising awareness and building local capacity and reducing vulnerability on Disaster Risk


Contribute toward disaster risk reduction through strengthening or building capacities of local communities and reduce vulnerability of hazard prone Environment, and provide decision makers with effective and efficient information through the use of Geospatial tools

Our Approach

Build members’ skills on global climate change, environmental issues, disaster management, development, and other related themes.
Contribute to and facilitate conservation, and sustainable development-oriented activities within the context of partnerships by conducting EIA, environmental audits, and carrying out disaster risk research in the country;
Sensitize and educate the public by disseminating socio-economic and best disaster risk reduction practices and strategies
Provide services that cater to the member’s livelihoods activities, especially the youths orphans and vulnerable children, the old and HIV/AIDS infected/affected children
Promote the use of Space and Geospatial Technologies in support of these activities
Advocate for the integration of DRR into sustainable development projects in Cameroon
Contribute toward the realization of the Hyogo Framework for Action on Disaster Risk Reduction in Africa at the grassroots
Develop a Geospatial database of risk zones in Cameroon

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