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Views from the Frontline (VFL2019)

1. VFL 2019 project was Initially 03 years but had a no-cost extension to 04 years due to COVID 19
2. Implementation nationally assured by 05 CSOs (GEADIRR as NCO, OMEP Cameroon, LIDEE, CAEPA and ACDESPE as POs).
3. Supported by a National Advisory Committee (NAC); comprised of 12 members.

Completed activities:
• Conducted a VFL training for implementing organizations
• Organized a NAC meeting for members
• Conducted field data surveys in 15 communities (3 in littoral, 2 in southwest, 4 in Centre, 4 in grand north and 2 in the Northwest)
• Organized Local Action Planning (LAP) meetings in 15 communities.

Ongoing activities:
• Implementation of the Local action plans (completed in 13 communities and still to be completed in 02)
• Development of a national advocacy plan on Disaster Risk (draft document pending validation from VFL coordinating team)
• Documentation of lesson learnt from the project

Upcoming activity:
• Organization of a multistakeholder workshop to share lessons of the project and plan other activities such as the advocacy
• Wider sharing of lessons learnt at different levels.


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