Who we are Geadirr

Who We Are

GEADIRR is a registered Initiative Group with registration number SW/GP/042/09/8074 of 2009, governed by the laws in force in the Republic of Cameroon on CIGs/NGOs (e.g., Law No. 92/006 of 14 August 1992). Founding Members created GEADIRR as an organization through which to carry out activities of Disaster  Reduction in the country. One of the objectives being to assist the government in its efforts towards Disaster Risk Reduction and to contribute towards the realization of then the Hyogo Framework of Action (HFA) and now the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction at the grassroots level while building coherence with other global frameworks.  GEADIRR  is focusing on assisting hazard-prone populations by improving existing coping strategies through a regular cycle of reflection, learning, and mobilization of actions. Information sharing on good practices or providing new coping approaches or adaptive abilities in reducing vulnerability to Disaster Risk. More importantly, the application of space-based technology and other geoinformation (Geospatial tools) sciences, in undertaking mapping of risk zones in and environmental(biotic and abiotic) protection, is part of our areas of work.R

What Geadirr do

What We Do

Starting in 2007, we've carried out and continues to carry out several public awareness campaigns on major disaster risk issues of the year. GEADIRR acted as the National coordinating organization for the Views from the frontline project in Cameroon since 2011, which is one of the flagship processes towards building community resilience by the  Global  Network of  Civil  Society  Organizations on  DRR.  This project and other GEADIRR projects have raised considerable awareness of risk issues. This approach has highlighted the need for a paradigm shift in communities and acted as a bridge between at-risk populations and local government through the creation of space for discussion and practical community actions. After a couple of years of involvement in sampling local population opinions and raising awareness, we are engaging in another towards sufficient community resilience to disaster risk. This method is through the Action, Reflection, and Learning, where we are involved in the general learning process and localization approach through an understanding of the local context of each community and designing specific responses to climate change and disaster risk impact; through an inclusive and holistic Style. We facilitate the transmission of the local population's voices from the local to the national and international levels.


Contribute to the development of local and National Strategy on DRR in the country Engage in the contribution of DRR/CCA at the grassroots Contribute toward the Implementation of the DRR Strategies at the local level Integration of DRR into sustainable development projects in Cameroon Lobby on the importance of setting-up a space-based early warning system for Disaster and climate change in Cameroon

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