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GEADIRR, Organized a national workshop on Views from the frontline


Geadirr Frontline Workshop

As part of the activities of the ‘Views from the frontline’ on the DRR project, a one-day national consultation was held on September 29th2011 by the Cameroon National coordinating organization (NCO). This meeting was followed by a field trip on the 30th of September 2011 in and around the city of Limbe. This field trip provided an opportunity for the Global Network manager who was present at the National consultations to have an appraisal of what resilience could be in Limbe and therefore some parts of Cameroon.  The 29th September meeting brought together over 45 participants including civil society representatives, local governments’ authorities, community representatives and delegates from participating NGOs etc. Also present was the NCO for Nigeria (who arrived later in the day) and Peter from Global relief in Jos Nigeria.


The meeting officially kicked off at 10:24 AM with the chanting of the Cameroon national anthem. The moderator (Mr Shey Benjamin) then continued with the agenda of the day and acknowledged the presence of distinguished members of the high table.  Mr Buh Gaston – NCO focal person for Cameroon introduced Mr Terry Gibson-Project manager of Global Network from the UK and Mr Peter and Mr Robert (in absentia) participating in the VFL project in Nigeria. This was followed by self-introduction by the other members on the high table. These included 3 administrative representatives, 2 chiefs and the head of civil society. Dr Aka Festus was also introduced, and one of the key presenters of the day.


The meeting proceeded with a speech from the representative of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (MINADT) which is the focal ministry in charge of DRR issues in Cameroon; the assistant Senior Divisional Official (SDO) for Fako Division (Mme Nko’o Ella). In her speech, she acknowledged the importance of the meeting considering the rapid changes in the environment and the need for adaptive strategies. She also highlighted the major natural and technological disasters frequent in the country such as landslides, mudflows, gas emissions, volcanic eruptions, floods, just to name a few. She added that the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (Department of Civil Protection) which is the major structure for natural disaster reduction in Cameroon do welcome this great initiative from GNDR.  She concluded her speech by wishing participants a happy stay in the city of Limbe.

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