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Workshop Organizer: GEADIRR in collaboration with other GNDR CSOs in Cameroon
Attendance: A total of 18 participants drawn from 11 Institutions/CSOs in Cameroon participated in the 2 days advocacy training workshop
Frontline is a process that had been built from past experiences of GNDR engagement in the monitoring process of the HFA framework through her flagship program. Views from the Frontline (VFL). The recognition of the importance of adding value to the VFL process was highlighted during the GNDR evaluation after the 2013 VFL process.  Frontline has then been instituted in the network and provides a unique opportunity to engage more with the local population in order to understand better their coping strategies through the use of local knowledge and the level of vulnerability. Community resilience building and advocacy are programs of work aim at assisting local communities through the Frontline process to better understand their community and the kind of threats they faces, while at the same time working towards various ways of undertaking necessary and vital actions that brings about community resilience.

Download the full report here

Advocacy Workshop for Cameroon


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