The intrinsic link between Environment and climate change keeps our work in these thematics very firmly. Climate change exacerbates environmental degradation, while the destruction forest contributes to promoting climate change. We are implementing environmental protection measures directly or indirectly curbs climate change. There is growing concern among stakeholders about the need for environmental protection and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Our focus activities on enhancing environmental protection Cameroon
Protection of flora
Carry out aforestation in the Sudano-Sahelian region to support and intensify the operation green Sahel launched by the government.
carry out inventories on forest clearing and undertake reforestation programs to replenish the lost trees (especially coastal species such as mangroves)
Organization of training programs on agriculture for forest communities to limit dependence on non-timber forest products (NTFP), which are becoming increasingly scarce.
Sensitization to reinforce/develop local communities’ capacity on sustainable management of resources and sustainable agricultural practices to limit deforestation and prevent degradation
provide technical assistance to communities in the creation of Community Forests and Community Hunting Zones (CHZ)
train local populations on alternative socio-economic activities to limit pressure on natural forest resources
carry out monitoring on logging concessions and research on the evolution of the different tree species and inform decision-makers on better management policies

Protection of fauna
In partnership with other organizations, survey the evolution of the numbers of critically endangered species
monitoring the movement patterns of protected wildlife species
Implement programs to restore coastline mangroves and other wetlands that serve as reproductive grounds for many aquatic species.
Delimitation of buffer zones around protected areas to protect the wildlife from poachers and hunters.
Develop and implement a partnership program with the government in the fight against illicit trade in endangered species.

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