Climate Change Mitigation

Climate change mitigation targets the causes of climate change. One approach to achieve a reduction to CC is through the REDD+ mechanism, which indirectly leads to forest and biodiversity conservation. We focus on the following activities;
Sensitization programs for local communities on the adverse effects of climate change
Develop and implement reforestation projects primarily in the Sahelian regions reduce land degradation
Implement plans to restore and maintain forests that serve as a sink for CO2, a significant greenhouse gas.
Implement forest regeneration strategies in forest-dependent communities
Implement programs to promote improved or low consumption stoves and the use of alternative fuels to reduce the supply of fuelwood from forest communities.
Partnership with government institutions to monitor the activities of commercial logging companies to respect the logging agreements.

Adaptation: tackling the consequences of climate change

Carry out vulnerability studies on savannah, coastal and forest populations to better inform decision-makers
Provide training to these populations on socio-economic activities to reduce poverty and increase their resilience to the changing climate
Programs to distribute improved seedlings and implement irrigation schemes in drought-affected areas
Identify flood risk zones and build dikes to reduce flood disasters
Cary out reforestation on landslide risk zones
Implement projects to restore and protect coral riffs and coastal forests, which serve as barriers to storm surges.
Organize training programs for local farmers on proper farming methods on degraded lands to protect from erosion and landslides.

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